SEO Trends for 2020
A recent article written for The Pen is Mightier Content Creators, a client services group producing a collection of technology trend articles for 2020.

The Industry Standard – The Only Sale That Matters (PDF)
Example of a report I wrote and edited for Internet-industry magazine, The Industry Standard. I conceptualized and guided the creation of a series of research-based, e-commerce reports for the group, analyzing data and overseeing writers, designers, researchers, and copy editors.

Wired Magazine Stories – Short Form Examples (PDF)
Examples of short-form articles written for Wired magazine.

Wired Magazine Section Examples (PDF)
Examples of sections edited for Wired magazine.

Wired Magazine Ad (PDF)
Ernst & Young technology ad written for Wired magazine.

Webreview Articles (PDF)
Articles written for technology-trends publication, Webreview.

Click Magazine Health Section (PDF)
Health and science section written and edited for Click magazine, a Bay Area publication focused on technology and culture.

Click Magazine eFashion Article (PDF)
Long-form article written for Click magazine.

Scholastic Writing Clips (PDF)
Examples of short-form pieces written for Scholastic.com.

Teachers Pay Teachers – My Favorites Section Wireframes (PDF)
Example of new online initiative researched and designed for Teachers Pay Teachers, including wireframes displaying layout, functionality, and UX design.

Teachers Pay Teachers – Ratings Design Wireframes (PDF)
Example of research and redesign of online ratings system created for Teachers Pay Teachers, including wireframes displaying layout, functionality, and UX design.

LeapFrog – Cranky Game Documents (PDF)
Example of documentation for an educational story and game produced, written, designed, and user-tested for LeapFrog’s Leapster handheld device, winner of Parent Magazine’s Best Toy of the Year award. Educational products included math, science, reading, and writing curriculum for K-5 students. 

Labyrinth Learning Script for eLearning Video (PDF)
Excerpt from a script for a Microsoft Access eLearning video, including setup, narrative, visuals, and actions. Additionally developed an internal style guide used for reference and for training new team members.